Lifelong Photography is run by Nigel McInerny, a freelance photographer based in Chislehurst, Kent (London, zone 4).

Nigel’s primary passion is with all forms of portrait photography and he specialises in model and artist portfolio shoots and developing memorable photographs and portfolios of families both in his studio or on location. Nigel also specialises in certain forms of event photography.

Nigel juggles his photographic aspirations around corporate consultancy work. While this necessarily limits the time he can dedicate to photographic projects – weekends and evenings being most available – it does give Nigel the freedom to choose his projects carefully and only work with people and on ideas that particularly interest him. It also allows Nigel to have flexibility in his charging regime, including being able to work on a TFD basis when this is appropriate.

Nigel has a dedicated photographic studio and for portfolios often mixes studio lighting, natural lighting, outdoor/location work with many different make-up/outfit “looks” to provide a varied portfolio that would otherwise take several shoots to create.

Lifelong Photography does not work “to the clock” or provide a limited number of high-resolution files. Getting the best possible pictures is Nigel’s goal – what is the point otherwise? – and clients will receive high-resolution digital copies (no watermarks or logos) of all the best processed shots.

Most of Nigel’s work is digitally captured, using full frame 50mb Canon equipment and he typically handles all aspects of post-production and printing work. However, for certain projects Nigel also continues to use medium or large format film systems and again would undertake all chemical development and printing or scanning in house (for both B&W and colour).